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Unique Mumbai Investment Opportunity for experienced investor
  • 2020-06-19

I was recently approached by a contact in Mumbai about a unique opportunity. For the right investor, it could be amazing.

He’s working with a builder. They own a 75 acre plot of land in Goregaon East, Mumbai. This is an excellent location, right next to the Bombay Exhibition Centre. It’s also underserved by Hotels. Right now, the only Hotel is the Westin, Mumbai Garden City. This is a beautiful 5* hotel, with rooms starting at $130/night. The builder wants to develop a 3*/4* hotel on the plot of land, and charge closer to $50/night.

They want to partner with an experienced investor, in order to build this tower. The plan for this as follows:

  • 170 rooms
  • 230 square feet each
  • Health Club
  • 42,000 square foot in a 22 story tower
  • All building approvals are in place
  • Construction is expected to take 1.5 years

These days, it’s close to impossible to find that much land in such a good Mumbai location.

The Bombay Exhibition centre is massive. It can hold events with over 8,000 people. They have events all year round, and there’s always demand for hotel rooms nearby. For the right investor, it’s a great opportunity.

If you want to find out more, then email me and I’ll set up an initial call.

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