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Let me be blunt - investing in Indian property can seem difficult for outsiders. The majority of properties are not marketed online. Also, unlike the UK and the US, there's not a great deal of education available online.

This is where I come in. I provide an end-to-end service for foreigners that want to buy property in Mumbai. I invest in Mumbai property, and have a network of professionals that I work with on the ground. I can provide access to property deals, estate agents, solicitors and property managers. I also provide advice and guidance through every step of the process. My perspective is unique, as I grew up in London, and invested in UK property, before going to Mumbai.

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Amazing opportunities await!

The story of Indian growth is amazing. The country is still developing, and the economy should grow at 6% per year, for the next decade. Mumbai is the financial capital of India, and by far the richest city. The population is at 20 million, and growing by 200,000 every year.

All around Mumbai, there are offices of International Companies - all of the global banks are here. More companies are beating down the door to get in - the country is highly educated, and labour costs are less than half compared to the US. Mumbai is in the middle of a construction boom, and are building a metro system, highways and luxury properties.

All of these factors will support property prices in Mumbai. Huge growth is anticipated - now is the time to get in. You'll kick yourself if you don't!

Access to the best professionals

Property investment in Mumbai isn't as accessible as other locations. Most professionals don't have websites, and business is conducted in person. You'll find hundreds of estate agents in Mumbai, but most are terrible. I've gone through a painstaking process to find professionals that I can work with and trust. I'll provide access to the best property deals, estate agents, solicitors and property managers.

Finding these people wasn't easy. I've been to 6am networking sessions, sat at the back of motorcycles and walked miles along highways!

Access to the best advice

I'll provide guidance through every step of the property investment process. I have a unique perspective, as I invested in UK property for 10 years, before coming to Mumbai. I can provide analysis from an outside point of view.