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3 Ways To Send Money To India Online

Find out about the best ways to send money to India. Instantly and commission free.

SSAS Pensions. Find the right provider

The right SSAS Pension provider will act as rocket fuel for your wealth creation journey. Find out how in this article

SSAS Property. 13 strategies you need to know

SSAS Pensions are an amazing tool to supersize your property portfolio. This article details 13 creative strategies

What is a SSAS Pension? The amazing benefits of this wealth creation tool

A SSAS Pension is a powerful tool for wealth creation. You can use it to buy commercial property and lend money to your business. Find out how SSAS Pensions work

11 creative ways to finance your next property purchase

There’s more to the world than mortgages! Find out about some alternative methods to finance your next property purchase

Commercial Property investment. What are the benefits?

Is commercial property a good investment in the UK? Find out what the benefits are in my article 

Strategy Advice. What is off-plan property?

Off plan property is where you buy a property that hasn’t yet been built. Find out how investors make money with this strategy

Strategy Advice. What are HMOs?

HMOs are a popular investment strategy with high returns. However it’s not as simple as buy to let! I explain in this article 

Strategy Advice: How to profit from property flips

Property flipping is a popular strategy to make quick returns in property. In this article, I explain how to apply this strategy

Strategy Advice: How to rent to tenants on benefits

Tenants on benefits scare most landlords. However, it’s a niche strategy where people make good returns. Find out how on the blog

Use the BRRRR property strategy to recycle your deposit forever

The BRRRR property strategy can be used to recycle your deposit forever. Find out how in my article

What are lease options? Can you really buy properties for £1?

Lease options are a powerful strategy to buy properties without a deposit. I’ll explain how in this post

Introduction to commercial property investment

Many buy to let investors want to move into commercial, but don’t know where to start. This article is an introduction to commercial property investment in the UK

Landlord 101: Interest only vs capital repayment

Interest only vs capital repayment mortgages. What’s the difference? Which is best for you?

Landlord 101: What is a buy to let mortgage?

In this article, I explain what a buy to let mortgage is. I compare it to a residential mortgage, and explain how to get one

Business 101: Sole Trader or Limited Company. Which is best?

Sole Trader or Limited Company? In the guide, I explain the pros and cons of each. Decide which one is best for you

Landlord skills: My tenant’s not paying rent. What do I do?

In this article I explain what you need to do if your tenant stops paying. I also provide strategies to avoid non-paying tenants

Unique Mumbai Investment Opportunity for experienced investor

In this post, I give details of a unique investment opportunity in Mumbai

How to make money with affiliate marketing. Beginners Guide

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. The best marketers earn 6 figures and above. This article is a beginners guide

Which is better? Wordpress or Wix or Custom Website

In the article, I compare Wordpress, Wix and Custom websites. See which is best for you

Business 101: How to create a website with Wix in one hour

Wix is a super easy tool to get your website up. Here is a step by step guide

What landlord insurance do i need? A Step by Step guide

In this article, I give a step by step guide for what landlord insurance you need on your buy to let

Landlord skills: Long distance property investing. How to do it right

Investing in property for away can be very lucrative. In this article, I explain how to manage property investments that are far away from home

How to become an Airbnb host

Buy to let Airbnb can be a great strategy when done right. Here’s my guide on how to be an become an Airbnb host

Is buy to let worth it?

Is buy to let worth it? In my view it’s still the best way to create long term wealth. I explain why in this article

How to deal with loneliness? Here are some practical tips

Lonely and depressed? It’s not nice but you’re not alone. There’s loads of simple and practical things you can do. I list them in this article

What to do when life kicks you in the gut? How to keep positive?

Sometimes bad things happen in life - like losing a job or a loved one. How can you stay positive and avoid a spiral of depression?

Refurb properties for profit. How I renovated a flat in Central London

This article showcases a renovation project on a property of mine in Central London. I took a tired flat, and completely transformed it

How to invest in Indian Real Estate. A step by step guide

Purchasing a property in India can seem daunting to foreigners. In this article, I give a step by step guide and demystify the process.

How to finance a property purchase in India

In this article, I summarize the main ways a foreigner can fund a property purchase in India

Why invest in Indian real estate? It’s an historic opportunity

The opportunities in India are staggering. Let me tell you why I think you should invest in Indian Real Estate

How to manage a property investment in India

In this article I explain how to find a tenant for your property in India, and how to manage the property from afar

What documents do you need to buy property in India?

What documents do you need in order to buy property in India? I explain in this article

I'm Losing money on my buy to let! What do I do?

What happens if you have a buy-to-let that’s losing money? Here are some strategies to bring your property back into profit