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Which is better? Wordpress or Wix or Custom Website

Which is better: Wordpress or Wix or Custom Website? You’re not the 1st person to ask! This is a question that vexes beginners. If you’re like me, then you just want to get your business online and move on. When I 1st started, I read about things like web 2.0, DNS servers and VPNs. I was so confused - I didn’t care or understand what these things were!

The good news is that you don’t need to be technical to create a good website. I’ve built websites by all 3 methods: Wix, Wordpress and Custom web design. This blog is a custom website, built by a web designer. So is my travel blog. But I also have other websites that I built myself. In this article, I’ll give my opinion about each method. I’ll cover the pros and cons, and explain which platform is best for whom.

If this is your 1st time to the site, then howdy! I set up this blog to help people quit their job and achieve financial freedom. I have tons of free education, like this article on how to create a website in Wix and this article that describes a property renovation in London. If you want to find out about my story, then go here.

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  • Wix is the easiest way to get a small website up
  • All in one solution with hosting, domain name and web design
  • Drag and Drop website builder is best in class
  • Easier to use than Wordpress
  • Low cost. Plans start at $13/month
  • No technical expertise needed
  • Websites are more secure than Wordpress


  • Website won’t be unique. Will be similar to millions of other sites
  • Unsuitable for larger sites
  • Unsuitable for more complex websites
  • Websites are slower than custom websites

Best for

  • Building a small or startup business website
  • People on a small budget
  • Non-technical people


Wix was founded in 2006, and offers a simple and low cost method to build a website. There’s over 160 million Wix websites on the web. In fact I wrote an article on how to create a Wix website in one hour. They have over 500 templates, and their drag and drop website builder is the best in class.

I’ve built websites with Wix and am impressed with their platform. Wix is a one-stop shop for your website. They handle hosting, domain purchase and web design. Because of this, I find their platform to be easy to use and intuitive. Also, you can use Wix without any technical or coding knowledge. A Wix website is also far less likely to get hacked than a Wordpress site – more details below.

So which is better: Wordpres or Wix? For a small website, I prefer Wix. I find that less technical skills are needed. I also find the entire process to be seamless, which isn’t the case with Wordpress.

The downside with Wix, is that your website will look similar to millions of other websites! As you grow your business, you’ll probably want a more professional and unique website. Successful businesses don’t rely on $13 Wix templates! At that point, you’ll need to pay a web designer.



  • Wordpress is a behemoth that powers 1/3 of the internet
  • There’s over 11,000 wordpress themes (templates)


  • Wordpress is an open source platform. The process isn’t as smooth
  • You need separate providers for hosting, domain purchases and website design
  • Wordpress websites are most susceptible to hacks
  • You’ll need some technical skills to use Wordpress

Best for

  • Small websites
  • People that are familiar with Wordpress


Wordpress is an absolute behemoth. It powers 1/3 of the internet – a whopping 1.3 billion websites! The concept of Wordpress is similar to Wix, in that you build websites using templates. Unlike Wix, themes are developed by 3rd parties, and there’s over 11,000 themes available. Some of these are free, although most are chargeable.

I’ve built a number of websites using Wordpress. Despite this, I’m cool on the platform. I find Wordpress to be less usable than Wix in a few ways.

Because Wordpress is open source, you need separate platforms for hosting, domain purchase and web development. This just makes the process less seamless, as you need to connect your domain to your wordpress dashboard.

With Wordpress, it helps to have some technical skills. I spent 15 years as a programmer for various investment banks, so this doesn’t bother me. However this is an issue for many people. At some point you’ll get stuck, and the only solution will be to write some code.

There’s loads of website editors available for Wordpress. Many of these are very good, most are mediocre and some are terrible. However I haven’t found one as good as the Wix editor.

The biggest issue with Wordpress has to be with security. Because so many websites are built with Wordpress, hackers target them. 30,000 websites are hacked every day – 90% of these are Wordpress sites! Most of these websites are small businesses, that have low security. Once hackers get access to your site, they’ll wreak havoc! One common hack is to get your website to redirect to their spam pages.

I live in London, and I’ve partnered with a web design agency in Mumbai. For this reason, we can create unique websites for 1/3 of the price of the US and the UK. The majority of our customers are fed up with Wordpress, and want something more professional. Maybe they’re constrained by their template or they’re pissed off at the security risks. If you want full details on our web design services, then go to this page. We’re a team of over 50 people and accept payments in all major credit cards.

Custom Website


  • Create a unique website that isn’t the same as a million other template sites
  • Your website is less likely to be targeted by hackers
  • Custom websites are faster
  • Create large and complex websites
  • Most business websites are custom websites, developed for their needs


  • You need to pay a designer to create your website

Best for

  • Businesses that want a professional site
  • People that need a large or complex website
  • Websites that can’t risk the security concerns with Wordpress


A custom website is the big daddy of web development. You’ll get a web designer who’ll start from a blank slate and create a website fitted to your requirements. A good web designer will create a beautiful website that fits your needs perfectly. They’ll optimise the website to be fast.

If you’re a business with some revenues, then you really should be paying a web developer for a website. Wix and Wordpress templates simply aren’t a credible solution for an established business. It makes you look like you’re 1 guy in a basement!

If you have a larger or more complex website that needs to be built, then you’ll need a custom website. Similarly, if you have sensitive data to store, it’s too much of a risk to use Wordpress. A unique website will help you stand out, and will provide more credibility to your business. With online businesses, credibility is always an issue as you can’t see the people behind a site.

I mentioned my web design service above, and I’ll give it another plug here. We’re a team of over 50 talented designers. Because most of the team are in Mumbai, our prices are 1/3 compared to the US. It’s a package that you’ll find very hard to match! We’ll build a high quality and unique website for your business. Full details are here.


In this article, I’ve given a summary of the 3 most popular ways to build a website: Wordpress, Wix and a custom website. I’ve given the pros and cons of each. I also answer the question: Which is better? Wordpress or Wix or Custom Website!

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Thanks for the article. It's really good to read about the issues with Wordpress! I have used Wix before and agree with your points

June 15, 2020
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