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How to make money with affiliate marketing. Beginners Guide

So you want to make money with affiliate marketing? Great! But how the bloody hell do you start?! Great question! I’ll answer it in this beginners guide to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a really great way to earn money online. The best marketers earn in excess of $100k annually. If done right, then affiliate marketing isn’t difficult to do. Forewarning, 95% of affiliate marketers have no idea what they’re doing! By reading this article, you’ll ensure that you’re in the top 5%!

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is probably the easiest way to make money online. You’ll have a unique link to a product (e.g. some sneakers on Amazon). If someone clicks through the link and makes a purchase, then you’ll get a commission. Commission rates vary. For some types of software, you can earn 30% of transaction value.

Because of the ease of entry, affiliate marketing attracts many people (morons?) who simply plaster their links online. These people give affiliate marketing a bad name and will never make any money!

Make money with affiliate marketing without a website

So, how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website? If you’re Kylie Jenner, then set up a Twitter account and sell crappy products to your followers.

But you?! You’re not Kyle Jenner. You need a website! If someone tells you otherwise, then they’re selling you a course. Once you finish that crappy course, you’ll still need a website.

If you create a Twitter profile with a bunch of affiliate links, then nobody will click on those links. Hell, nobody will follow your account, as it’s just spam. If it was possible to make money like that, then everyone would do it, and we’d all be rich!

To get someone to click on your affiliate link, you need to explain why that person needs the product. You need to have a blog, where you can review that product in detail. Once you’ve persuaded the reader that they need the product, they MIGHT click your affiliate link and make the purchase. They also might not click your link!

If setting up a website seems scary, then please don’t worry. These days, most monkeys could set up a website – it’s really that easy. You don’t to be technical. You don’t need to be a programmer. Your website won’t look like garbage either! I wrote an article on how to create a Wix website in under 1 hour.

Choose a platform to promote your products

You need to choose a platform to promote your affiliate products. The two most common platforms are Youtube and your own blog. Ever wonder why there’s so many videos of products being unboxed? Well, there’s an affiliate link to the product in the description!

Youtube is a great platform, but it’s more work to create a video than a blog. For this reason, it’s best for beginners to use their own blog. Have reviews of products and then provide an affiliate link to that product.

I wrote an article on how to create a Wix website in under 1 hour. They have loads of templates, and your website will look good.

The downside with Wix, is that your site will look similar to 10 million other template websites! If you want a unique website, then you need to pay a designer. I live in London, but have partnered with a talented web design agency in Mumbai. We can build stunning websites for 1/3 of the price of the US. Full details are on this page.

The most popular website builder is Wordpress. 30% of the internet is built on Wordpress, but I’m not a fan. 90% of all website hacks are on Wordpress sites. I also think Wix is easier to use. I compare Wix and Wordpress in this article.

Best affiliate marketing products

So, what are the best affiliate marketing products? There’s literally millions of products to choose from. Amazon Affiliates and eBay have very popular affiliate marketing programs. People know and trust those platforms.

Other profitable niches include Insurance and banking products. If someone clicks through your link and applies for a credit card, then the commissions are very high.

Online software also have high commission rates. SEMRush charge $100/month, and pay 40% commission to their affiliates.

My advice is to check affiliate networks like Awin and Commission Junction. Browse the products and see what works for you.

To find an affiliate program for a specific product, then do a google search “[product name] affiliate program.”


Affiliate marketing. It’s a pretty good way to make money. But you need to learn the ground rules. I’ve given those ground rules in this beginners guide to affiliate marketing.

I’m a member of a mastermind community of Affiliate Marketers. It’s called SPI Pro. It’s a global community of bloggers, podcasters and Youtubers. I ask questions when I’m stuck on something.

There are also in-depth courses on Affiliate Marketing. I’ve taken them myself, and had really good results.

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