The UK Property Investment boom started in the mid 1990’s. Since then, property has been the best way to make money in the UK. It still is the best way, but the strategies have evolved.

Strategies such as Commercial Property, Airbnb and flips have become great ways build wealth. These topics may seem daunting to begin with, but don’t fret! On this page, I have loads of free articles about these topics and all things UK Property.

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In this article, I give a step by step guide for what landlord insurance you need on your buy to let

Long distance property investing. How to do it right

Investing in property for away can be very lucrative. In this article, I explain how to manage property investments that are far away from home

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Buy to let Airbnb can be a great strategy when done right. Here’s my guide on how to be an become an Airbnb host

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In this article I summarise the main buy-to-let taxes that you need to pay in the UK

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In this article I cover the most popular tax efficient investments in the UK. From ISAs and Pensions to Venture Capital Trusts

How to withdraw money from a private limited company. A guide

Limited companies are a tax efficient structure used by many businesses. In this article I cover the different ways to take money out, and the potential tax implications

Is buy to let worth it in 2020?

Is buy to let worth it? In my view it’s still the best way to create long term wealth. I explain why in this article

Refurb properties for profit. How I renovated a flat in Central London

This article showcases a renovation project on a property of mine in Central London. I took a tired flat, and completely transformed it

I'm Losing money on my buy to let! What do I do?

What happens if you have a buy-to-let that’s losing money? Here are some strategies to bring your property back into profit